T HERE cannot be a right way to do wrong thing.” It was my birthday, and like anyone else I too thought of doing something that can give me satisfaction and happiness. I got to know about a group of people in our city, who work voluntarily to clean and beautify any identified corner of the city. I thought what a wonderful initiative. Instead of just writing “My city my pride”, these are the ones who are actually adding reasons to be proud of. Another thing is the name of this organisation, although it is “I CLEAN”, but it works as a team and does all this selflessly. They not only clean the spot, but they add extra glitter by beautiful Varli paintings.

I think this work is God’s work because along with cleaning, the dying art form is also popularised, which depicts our cultural heritage and our traditions at all the prominent and hidden places quietly.

I went to the said spot, since it was my very first day I was a bit hesitant. Still was confident about whatever will be assigned as task, will do it whatever bit I can. I saw a heterogeneous group of boys, girls, gents, ladies working enthusiastically. This group was very systematic in their approach and everything was well planned and was executed meticulously. I met Sandeep ji, who introduced me to a few members there; I took some paint and brush and started painting under the able guidance of the senior members. Gradually my hand and brush began to have better and confident strokes. I was surprised to see, in this materialistic and commercial world, there can be a few who think out of box and spend such quality time and energy for enhancing the pride of this Tiger capital of India.

Just as our paintings coming from beginning to finish, we came closer. Our conversations became more deep and serious right from introduction to hobbies and interests etc. Every now and then I was confirming that what I am painting is in sync with others. The way me and my work was accepted was like milk and water. Then all of a sudden my co painter aunty who was in her seventies, sadly said, “You know when we clean and beautify the spots in the city, it’s really very painful to see that people residing the nearby areas, instead of taking care and maintaining them, they start throwing rubbish, garbage there. How can they be so insensitive that they do not respect the hard work of others, the sole purpose of all this is lost. That is the time when we all feel very bad, because it is not only the problem of our city, rather the whole country. A small group takes good initiative by contributing positively and a large group is waiting to bring the things back to square one”. Each word she said was so true, that I became sad…..very sad.

In our country people just play blame game, this should be done, that is not done….but if it is done, we don’t even show our gratitude. We find a very few people taking initiative in correcting, rectifying, cleaning, beautifying or contributing anyways they can. Even if they are done by such creative enthusiasts, the complete task loses its sheen the moment we see these irresponsible people spoiling them than to acknowledging their efforts. I feel there must be something done very strictly to make people get the feeling of belonging, sensitivity towards the whole city and then the country. Until we do this, situations cannot be improved. Ultimately it will be, “I CLEAN…..& YOU SPOIL”.

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